Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Review

Shy boy falls for the nice girl in the laundromat, and dreams of creating a world they can enjoy together to a rather catchy pop soundtrack..so far, so Glee. However, shy boy is actually wannabe super-villain and misanthrope Dr. Horrible, hoping to seduce laundromat girl Penny with his plans for world domination and a gift of a "shiny new Australia" (Whedon, 2008). Yes, nerds rejoice for yet another brilliantly whimsical cult classic from Joss Whedon!


The largest and most successful example of an online global video platform is youtube.com, most popular video site on the web and fourth largest internet destination in the world (Nielsen NetRatings, 2008 cited by Youtube, LLC). Youtube was created in 2005 by three Paypal employees frustrated with the difficulty of finding and viewing video content online (Hopkins, 2006), and sold in 2006 for $1.65bn to Google Inc. (Weber, 2007). People and companies can create ‘channels’ for themselves and upload video content from anywhere in the world, which in turn, can be viewed by anyone from almost anywhere in the world. 

Ceci n'est pas un blog!

In a world where tactless social network updates can count as legitimate grounds for dismissal and unscrupulous tagged photos a potential minefield of professional hazards, how careful should one be when considering starting a personal blog?

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