My favourite cinemas in London: Part One - The Local

Being a bona fide lover of all things cinematic, I have my favourite flicker haunts, as every movie buff should... No, your living room with the lights out doesn't count!

In London, generally people would consider Leicester Square as being the cinema mecca, and I don't disagree.  If you can get to early screenings, or lucky enough to cadge some premiere tickets, it is certainly the place to be.  However, there are some other silver screen jewels hidden around London, especially for those who of us like to dip our toes into the art-house pool, midnight cult sing-a-longs or the acquired taste of world feature docs.

This April has been thoroughly miserable, a complete wash-out, which I find utterly bemusing as we're apparently in drought at the moment. If ever there was a time for escapism in London, it's now.  We've also got the jubilee and the Olympics coming up in the next few months, which means that come June, this city will be packed!  I don't handle crowds particularly well, so while the streets teem with tourists this summer, I'll be found hiding in one of these little gems!
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Frontline Club - THIRD PARTY SCREENING: From Cyrus to Ahmadinejad

This subject is very close to my heart and a must-see for any London documentary lovers with an interest in middle eastern politics, especially regarding recent spats between Israel and Iran.
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