The Secret History of Our Streets: Caledonian Road

Interestingly the BBC have made my home street an episode in the on-going series; 'The Secret History of Our Streets'.  Unsurprisingly, the first word uttered by a Cally local after the episode introduction is "Twats".

Still, it is fascinating to discover the history of my somewhat dodgy high street.  Apparently it involves an abattoir at one end, what appeared to be the heart of the London sex trade at the other, and though those things may have passed, the enduring central institute of a massive prison, still chugging along in the middle.  I can see why Cally Rd might prefer its colourful history kept 'secret.'

There are remnants still visible, a conspicuously never open '24 hr spa' known as 'Pleasure Garden' still operates down Cally Road, Pentonville Prison still pops up in wannabe Guy Ritchie films, and the abattoir may be long gone, but my local stomping ground is far from perfect yet.  I love the fact that characters I interact with frequently, and some well-known neighbourhood personalities are featured in this cute doc.  Makes me feel a bit more connected to my rather tawdry little strip of London, and I love it still.

Available on BBC iPlayer here, and on repeat next Tuesday at 11.50pm BBC2.


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