The Final Countdown! *Dadada nauseam*

Hiatus Update:

Research is complete, awesome!  Now, need to wait and see what I actually graduate with. Hopefully a first as predicted.. I really don't fancy reconsidering my professional/academic career now!

In the mean time, I need to find out from all the (lovely, really appreciated, etc) contributors if I can actually publish my work here so anyone reading this will know why I've been mostly awol for the best part of five months...yeah.

Currently I'm formulating a proposal for what hopefully will be accepted as a PhD in Science Communication, but more on that it's time to get a job. Studies take up time and money, and experience is a must to get your head above the crowd or so somebody important told me..I think it was my dad.

So normal service will resume shortly, hopefully with a lot more relevant sci-comm content, not necessarily TV related, but just because my head is just overflowing with it!  Sooo much to question, pose, discuss, evaluate...exciting stuff!
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