Hello there,

I'm Bex, and I'm quite new to this whole blogging thing. 
You can probably tell, mostly because I actually referenced my first few posts..
Anyway, I like documentaries, and what telly people call 'specialist factual programming'. This is basically all science and natural history related stuff on tv... Attenborough crouching in front of dangerous things, Brian Cox enthusing about the sky from various exotic locations, swooping pans over the rainforest and all that.  

What interests me about these programs is how they relate science content to society, and how in turn the public expectations and estimations of science are managed.  This is true for all instances of science communication, including museums, radio, newspapers, conferences etc etc. However I have experience in TV, so though some observations could be applicable to all areas of science communication, television is where I tend to focus.

In an ideal world, I'd like to make these sorts of programs for an actual real job.  Not quite there yet, but persevering. Until then though, I'll be writing about them here.

So, I'll probably throw up critiques of various feature docs I've seen, telly stuff too.  Present cool bits and pieces of video related stuff I find about the web. That sort of thing.

I also quite like politics, medicine, internet type stuff...and cats.
Might write about those things too, a bit. 
Not too much though. 
This isn't a cat blog.
So er, if that sounds good, welcome! 
Stick around a bit..maybe have a cup to tea or something.